Wool Sample Set-1

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We offer khadi wool, handwoven woollen fabrics made with hand spun wool yarn.

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Khadi Wool

This set consists of wool fabric swatches of size 3 x 5" in a drawstring bag made with handwoven organic cotton.

All seven swatches in this set are blends of wool yarn and mill spun organic cotton yarn. In the first six the wool is from indigenous sheep, and, is hand spun.

We will soon be adding pure wool hand spun and handwoven fabrics to our collection. This will include wool from pure indigenous sheep and crossbred sheep - indigenous sheep crossbred with merino.

Minor irregularities in the weave of the add to the character of the fabric.

  • KL20W-1
  • KL20W-2
  • KL20W-3
  • KL20W-4
  • KL20W-5
  • KL20W-6
  • KL20W-7



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