Sample Set-6: Ajrakh Naturally Dyed and Block Printed


Fabrics as unique as you are

Order your sample set of A5 fabric swatches at affordable prices– with a full refund on your first order of 50 meters and above. The swatch sets will be sent to you in an eco-friendly khadi paper envelope.

Set 6- Ajrakh Block Printed with Natural Dyes (Bhuj Prints)

The set includes sample swatches for the following fabrics:


  • KL210601
  • KL210602
  • KL210603
  • KL210604
  • KL210605
  • KL210606
  • KL210607
  • KL210608
  • KL210609
  • KL210610
  • KL210611
  • KL210612


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