MFB55D1 is part of the popular MFB55 Range. The fabric is also available unbleached, bleached white and variety of colours. It includes fabrics dyed with natural dyes.

Colour: Indigo       GSM: 130     Width: 45 inches

Warp & Weft: 46s * 46s

EPI: 52                      PPI:48

Finish: Dyed                       Weave: Plain

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Sabarmati Collection

MFB55D1 is a part of the Sabarmati Collection.

Gandhi’s Heritage

Sabarmati Ashram of Gandhi is the home of 20th Century Khadi. On his return to India from South Africa in 1915 Gandhi established an ashram on the periphery of Ahmedabad. Two years later he moved to the ashram to the banks of Sabarmati River and further away from the centre of the city. With a larger space to live and work in, the ashram community began practicing a more self-sufficient way of life. Farming and textile production became important for the community – and for Gandhi when he was not on the move.

For textiles, the first step was to set up looms and learn weaving. Spinning came later when Ganga Ben Majumdar, an enterprising associate of Gandhi, found women skilled in the art of spinning. They were willing to pass the skill on to others. Within a few years the hum of spinning became a familiar sound in the ashram and in villages around the nation.  Khadi’s revival had begun.

MoralFibre Fabrics

Shailini Seth Amin founded MoralFibre Fabrics in 2008 to promote khadi after her return to Ahmedabad, India.  Shailini’s skills as an environmentally conscious architect and her international exposure have helped give khadi a new direction in her home state of Gujarat. Her ability to connect with communities, and, her own Khadi heritage have been the driving forces as the company has evolved into a major khadi exporter – now exporting to 22 countries. MoralFibre has worked closely with a select number of khadi cooperatives in the state to curate an impressive collection. A range of fabrics to suit all needs!

Reinventing Khadi

MoralFibre Fabrics is now playing a lead role in reinventing khadi – as a system of production from seed to handcrafted clothing. A system with a potential for scaling up in small grassroots clusters, which would include organic cotton and solar energy use.

A small sample of the MoralFibre collection of fabrics is featured here as the Sabarmati Collection. You can also order a swatch pack of the collection and/or a free electronic catalogue here.

For more information on the collection visit the


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