Kerala Collection Sample Pack


(Price includes P & P)

This is a representative sample pack of the Kerala Collection made by Gramin Srishti. They have worked with imagination to combine two traditions. Handwoven which they have an experience of and khadi which they are adding to their portfolio.

The sample pack includes 5 swatches of khadi woven prints, each approximately 4.5 inches by 7 inches. The pack will come in a drawstring bag made from unbleached khadi.

It If the collection seems promising to you, we can send photos of a much larger selection. If you are based in London or plan to visit London, we can show you sample swatches with a wider choice.

Gramin Srishti ddo not generally have a ready stock of khadi fabrics. These have to be pre-orderd. Minimum orders are 50 meters. There is likely to be a lead time of 2 to 4 months.


Product Description

Kerala Collection

Over the past few decades, handwoven and khadi have evolved in different ways. Handloom weavers have been independent and enterprising. They have been innovative with their designs. Khadi has been hemmed in by bureaucracy. Though khadi has done well with improving yarn quality. Gramin Srishti of Kerala are grounded in the handwoven tradition. Their work on khadi designs is creative. Their work on khadi designs is creative. Their fabrics combine the best of both traditions. The Kerala Collection Sample pack is a small pack. It only has 5 swatches. 

Gramin Srishti are open to the idea of working with designers from UK to create new khadi weaves.