Two Ply Cotton Drill Khadi


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Seed to fabric – it all happens within a cluster of villages in Wardha District of Maharashtra. The cotton is ginned, carded and converted into slivers at Gram Seva Mandal. It is then hand spun and hand woven locally.

The seed is also processed locally to make cotton seed oil and cattle feed.

Width: 40 inches – Count: 80 – GSM: 100 – 120

Weave: 2 ply cotton drill (Do Suti)


The fabric can be bleached white. It can also be dyed or printed in colour or pattern of choice.

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Two Ply Cotton Drill

This is an 80 Count fabric. Drill is versatile and would work well for work clothes. Perhaps also for school uniforms. Khadi is making a comeback in work places and in schools. A high demand is anticipated in years to come.

Gram Seva Mandal

Gram Sewa Mandal which manufactures the fabric has a strong faith in empowered villages. For khadi that means indigenous seeds and organic farming for cotton. It also means processing of cotton fiber and seeds locally, ideally in villages.

They have replaced their seventy year old ginning machine with a modern efficient one. Carding and sliver machines are next in the queue. the new machinery will help them support. This will benefit 300 farmers, 180 spinners and 70 weavers. They are raising funds to make this happen.

Their marketing beyond village cluster is also innovative. They rely on ethical consumers, on friends and family with similar beliefs and on building networks. It is all happening because of a dedicated team. A dedicated team with experience and knowledge.

Gram Seva Mandal was founded by Vinoba in the 1930’s. It has an organic farm, a printing machine, a khadi workshop and oil crushing unit. People working in the ashram are dedicated. They lead a communal lifestyle. The ashram is open to the idea of visitors staying with them for long or short periods.

The ashram is only a few miles away from Sevagram, where Gandhi stayed in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Vidarbh – a cotton belt

Wardha district is a part of the Vidarbh region of Maharashtra. It is a cotton growing area. Introduction of genetically modified cotton seeds has had an impact on farmers. Incomes may have improved in the short run. But there are questions about its long term impact. Indebtedness has increased, often leading to farmer suicides.



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