Bikaner 3

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Rajasthan is known for its love of colours. It also has a rich textile heritage. Indigo is often a prominent feature. The industry has adapted traditional designs – tweaking the old to give them a modern appeal. Hand screen printing works well on khadi.

Hand Screen Printed Khadi

Width: 36 inches –  GSM: 120

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Product Description

Bikaner 3

Rajasthan is known for its love of colours. It also has a rich printing heritage. The bright and dark hues of clothes and turbans that people wear relieve the monotony of a desert landscape. Textiles in Rajasthan have build on its rich printing culture. Tweaking old designs to give them a modern appeal and hand screen printing have worked well on khadi. Bikaner 3 is one of four prints we are offering. More to follow.

Technical Specifications:

Hand Screen Printed Khadi

xx Dyes

Width: 36 inches – Count: xx – GSM: 120

Gram Bharati Samiti

We are partnering with Gram Bharati Samiti in Rajasthan. They have helped with coordinating supplies and ensuring quality.