Nimar Organic Handwoven Collection

Aavaran is an artisan’s cooperative. It was founded in 2007 with support from Biore Foundation. Fabrics for our Nimar Organic Handwoven Collection are made in Aavaran’s workshop in the small town of Kasrawad. The workshop has the capacity to make export quality fabrics – fabrics with a higher count and dyed with azo free chemicals. The workshop is also used as a training centre for women weavers. Master weavers were trained in Maheshwar, renowned for its rich textile tradition. For making khadi yarn is hand spun by women in their homes. To begin with there were ten hand spinning wheels. The number is now about seventy.

The Nimar Organic Handwoven Collection

A selection of thirteen handwoven fabrics is presented here. Fabrics with the same designs but in different colour combinations can be made on order. Aavaran has plans to introduce vegetable dyes. An organic khadi collection will be added soon.

A CSR Model

Aavaran is part of a nest of organisation’s spread across three continents. Organic cotton grown is grown Tanzania and India. Fabric made from the cotton is used for making clothes in Switzerland. Remei AG is a sustainable fashion company based in Switzerland. It set up BioRe foundation in in 1997 to promote organic farming. It was a part of Remei AG’s quest for a sustainable ethical supply chain. The programme now supports about 4000 farm households in Nimar. Nimar is a cotton growing area. Till recently most villages in the area were forested. There is an affinity for nature. Organic farming fits in well with local ethos. There is an extensive training programme in place. Farmers paid a premium price for the organic produce. The villages also benefit from BioRe’s education programme and mobile medical services. Aavaran is supported by BioRe as a part of its initiative to provide supplementary incomes. There is a lot here for CSR initiatives in textiles to learn from.

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