Gopuri Collection

The Gopuri Collection presented here is part of a larger collection curated by Gram Seva Mandal (GSM). Centrally located, it is easy to reach. GSM has an organic farm, khadi and oil crushing units and a printing press. Within GSM there is a strong sense of community and commitment. Life in the community is enriched by their connect with neighboring villages and beyond.


Gram Seva Mandal was established by Vinoba Bhave in the 1930’s. Vinoba was visionary, considered by many as Gandhi’s spiritual heir. He came into prominence in the 1950’s and 60’s when “he went on foot from village to village appealing to landlords to hand over at least one sixth of their land to the landless cultivators of the village.” the tone of his voice was all-important, “it was never condemnatory, never harsh, Gentleness – true Ahimsa -was Vinoba’s trademark. A gentleness backed by a life of such dedication and simplicity that few could listen to his pleading unmoved”.  (Hallam Tenyson in Moved by Love)

Gopuri Khadi Unit

Gopuri’s khadi unit is getting a makeover. A seventy year old ginning machine has been replaced. Carding and sliver machines are next in the queue. With new machines in place, GSM will be able to support 300 organic farmers, 180 spinners and 70 weavers.  The marketing strategy for their products is innovative. It builds on networks of ethical consumers, friends and family for sales. GSM campaigns on issues of concern such as GM seeds and harmful pesticides. There is a stress on exchange of ideas not just goods and money. There is a stress on experiment, experience and learning.

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