Your Vibes Attract Your Tribe

We have been lucky. The past three years have been exciting. We have revived old connections, made many new ones. Our tribe,our inclusive network, has grown at a pace beyond our expectations. It has happened because of our message of hope. Hope in a movement for non-violent change. Khadi is not just a fabric, it’s a movement. A movement that embodies the spirit of simplicity and autonomy. Many in our network do not have a strong connect to khadi. But we d0 share common values. or perhaps a common purpose.

This is the first of a series of blogs. The series will provide links to website or digital media pages of our connections. It will also link to blogs by or on them. The series will be a reflection on our evolving network.

This blog, the first in the series, introduces partners of the UK Khadi Initiative. The initiative has been recently found. One of its members, Project PICO, visited the khadi workshop of Gram Seva Mandal last year. We are republishing a photo blog on their visit. Another blog reflects on how Jo of Where Does It Come From? discovered khadi. She was getting frustrated in finding the right source for creating a traceable clothing range – till she found MoralFibre Fabrics. Where Does It Come From and MoralFibre Fabrics are both partners of the Initiative. The other partners are Action Village IndiaFresh Eyes: People to People Travel and Khadi CIC. We will be writing more about the Initiative and its partners in future blogs.

Harry and Bobby of Clear Honest Design (CHD) along with a large number of other people have made it possible to create our new website. You will be hearing more about CHD and their work with the children of Pushkar in Rajasthan – through Joshua Playing Project. And also about the many others who have pitched in to make the website a visual delight. There will be a blog on the series of documentaries and promotional clips on khadi that Susanta Biswas Productions have made in recent years. There is a growing network of khadi enthusiasts in India. Susanta is a part of that network. You will get to know about others in the network in due time.

It is a long and growing list of people to write about. I wonder whether a blog a fortnight will serve the puspose. Will see.

Featured Photo: Gram Bharati Samiti

Text: Kishore Shah