Ivan Nutbrown
Non-Executive Board Member

Ivan has a close connection with people in India ever since his first stay in India 50 years ago. Many of the people he got to know on that first stay were followers of Gandhi and enabled him to see Gandhi’s Constructive Programme and non-violent approach in action.

Ivan is a founder member of the UK charity, Action Village India and played a lead role in its development till his retirement. All of Action Village India’s partners in India are inspired by Gandhi and for whom khadi continues to hold a symbolic value.

Jo Salter
Non-Executive Board Member

Jo Salter is founder of award winning ethical clothing brand Where Does It Come From? and a speaker, writer and consultant on sustainable business.  She is an experienced ethical business entrepreneur and passionate about transparency and justice within product supply chains.  Jo regularly campaigns for a fairer and more eco-friendly clothing industry and supports brands to embed their values into the way they source their products.

Laurence G Sewell
Chair, Non-Executive Board

Laurence has over 45 years’ experience working for the donor community, public organisations and the private sector in Africa, Asia, Near East and Central and Eastern Europe. He has specialised in monitoring, evaluation & learning (MEL); institutional management for reforming organisations; and has a technical background in natural resource planning. He has a particular interest in the role of business in supporting pro-poor development. Laurence is a principal associate of IPE Triple Line Ltd., and a trustee for a number of charity organisations.

Kishore Shah
Co-Founder and Director

Kishore first discovered khadi fifty years ago when he went to India and volunteered with the Sarvodaya movement – a land reform movement which had evolved into a movement for village autonomy. Khadi was an integral part Sarvodaya. Kishore’s later work as an international development consultant has been guided by his experience as a Sarvodaya volunteer. He co-founded Khadi London about five years ago.

Asha Buch

Asha grew up in a family of activist supporting India’s freedom movement under the guidance of Gandhi. She learnt to spin cotton at the age of about seven or eight, a skill that she has honed over the years and enjoys passing it on. Her skills as a teacher and spinner are inspiring a small but growing number of charkha (spinning wheel) enthusiast in London. Her presence in Khadi Initiative events helps ground conversations about ethics in textiles and fashion.

Swapnaja Dalvi

Swapnaja is an Instrumentation Engineer and worked in oil & gas industry for around a decade in UK. She took a career break to India with her family to understand & work on the issue of farmer suicides. During her stay there, she was impressed by decentralised process of making cloth where the cotton is grown. She plans to return to India to practice organic farming, live a natural sustainable lifestyle and support the cause of khadi.

Elizabeth Ings

Our resident event curator/manager who helped organise A Way Ahead: Ethical Khadi, then working with founding partner Jo Salter of Where Does it Come From? and friend of Khadi London, Sian Conway of Ethical Hour helped bring about the first two Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution shopping, learning and networking events and the first Be The Change Awards in 2019. Next project: Festival of Natural Fibres, November 2019.

Molshree Vaid
Business Development

Molshree is a researcher and writer, working at the intersection of fashion, sustainability and technology. An alum from London College of Fashion, she has worked for CNBC, Brooks Brothers and Timberland in India in the past. At Khadi London, Molshree is involved in marketing strategy and business development.