Forest Silk

Forest or wild silks form an important part of our collection. These are silk from cocoons reared and harvested on trees and are often an important source of livelihood for communities residing near forests in India. Unlike mulberry silks, raising cocoons does not require the use of agriculture land, irrigation and chemicals. India is the biggest producer of forest silks. Tussar, Muga and Eri, are dominant varieties currently found in India.

Tussar silk tends to more textured than other silk varieties and is found in different regions of India. Kosa, a variety of tussar, is known for its natural ‘dull golden brown’ hue. The fabric is also cooler than the other varieties and is a lot more porous, therefore, more breathable. Eri silk, with its thermal properties, can be used as an alternative to wool fibre.

Peace Silk

Peace silk, also called as ahimsa silk allow silkworms to be bred transforms into a butterfly stage. Once the butterfly leaves its cocoon, the cocoon is processed without the use of harmful chemicals. This process takes longer than the conventional silk harvesting where silkworms are killed in the cocoon stage. We supply hand woven eri peace silk and eri peace silk blended with organic cotton.

Our collection is not limited to forest silks. We also supply mulberry silk, including mulberry peace silk

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